About Us

We create, own and produce meaningful events.

We also source unique event spaces.

Over the last 14 years we have become rooted in all things art and design. We love and live in the community that breeds it.

Not only do we produce our own events, we can produce yours too. Lucky lucky You!

We can make dull conferences bright and fun, make sure your event represents your personality and style and really makes a difference to your staff and guests.

We believe events should be fun, meaningful, green and results driven.

We have worked for lots of big and small companies (view partial client list at right)

Having successfully launched and created our very own events including THREAD Show, THREAD Select and NOSH

We decided to add to our creative, event-planning portfolio by planning other people’s events too.

We have offices in San Diego and Los Angeles and can host you anywhere in the US or the world for that matter.

When we are not planning and plotting the next big thing we love to take photos, look at architectural books, try out new places, plant things, drink hot coffee and take sunny walks with the ipod.

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